Recent Accessibility Improvements

May 14, 2020

Communications & Marketing used Siteimprove to identify accessibiltiy issues that could be resolved by making “global” changes to the WCMS templates. He made two sets of changes to the WCMS templates:

  1. Cascading Stylesheet changes that took effect immediately:
    1. 01-15-2020: Add color contrast to “skip links” at the top of all pages
    2. 01-15-2020: Add differentiation colors to breadcrumbs
    3. 03-06-2020: Add “focus” styles to skip links
    4. 03-06-2020: Add visibility of search submit button when focused

  2. HTML template changes that took effect after re-publishing all sites:
    1. 03-06-2020: Added ARIA landmark roles to all direct children of the body tag
    2. 03-06-2020: Added ARIA labels to navigation blocks to differentiate between main nav, sidebar nav, footer nav, etc.
    3. Changed links that pointed to the same location with different link text

All of the WCMS websites were republished on March 6, 2020. A week later, the Siteimprove scores across all WCMS sites tested in the audit improved by an average of 12.66 points.