New WCMS Directory Page Type

November 30, 2016



We have just rolled out a new WCMS page type. The page type is called “Directory Page” and you’ll see it in your drop down menu.


This page type allows you to create your own custom directory pages to display people they way YOU need to display them.


This new page type includes the following features:


  • You have three different page layout options (list, tiled and table)

  • By entering a CruzID,  select information about that person is automatically pulled from the Campus Directory

  • You can pick and choose which Campus Directory content to display, including Summary of Expertise and Faculty Area of Expertise

  • The ability to have separate sections and subsections of people groups on a page

  • There is an area for an introductory paragraph at the top of the page

  • You have the ability to create custom lists of people in the order you choose

  • You can manually include or exclude people from an automatic feed

  • You can still have automatic feeds of various people types on your pages

  • You can now   add a "vacant" position in a list of people if desired

  • Optional collapsible and expandable groups to hide and show content on the page

  • Optional link to a full profile page


Because this page type is slightly more complex than any other page type in the system, in addition to our regular Open Labs, we’re offering some extra Open Labs for you to come and create your new pages. No reservation needed. Just show up and we’ll help you out.


We’ve also created this 5-minute video tutorial:

Where to report issues/problems/ask questions:

We know you’ll have questions. When you do, please contact the ITS Support Center by submitting a SlugHub ticket, email or call 459-HELP (4357) and we’ll have someone help as soon as possible.