Accessibility Tips!

Website accessibility is extremely important. As a website editor, it is your responsibility to understand your role.

Please take some time to review these accessibility tips and open a ticket if you have any questions. 

Campus WCMS News

Getting WCMS Help

Build a WCMS Site

goldfish jumping from one fishbowl to another

If you are interested in adding your Web site to the Campus WCMS, please go to and "Request a Service". Select "New WCMS Site"

After you submit your request for a new site, someone from ITS will work with you via the ticket to get your site shell built. 

Need a WCMS Account?

New user accounts are granted by website managers. If you need access to edit a website in the WCMS, contact the site manager and they can add you.

If you don't know who the site manager is, please put in a SlugHub ticket.

NOTE: All new users need to go through online training.

Web User Group

You are invited to participate in a group of site owners called the Web User Group. This group meets once a quarter via Zoom only and is facilitated by Web & Marketing Product Manager, Teresa Silva and Director of Digital Communications, Rob Knight.

To become a part of this group, simply email Teresa Silva and request it!