WCMS Online Editor Training

This online training is designed for people who maintain and update current sites in the Campus WCMS. This training is highly recommended for all new users of the Campus WCMS.

Those who are migrating an entire site into the Campus WCMS would be better suited to attend a WCMS Training class. 

**NOTICE** You first need to have your website manager add you as a WCMS user. Once that's done, please submit THIS IT Request ticket for login access to the "WCMS Classroom" site in the WCMS. Exercises cannot be completed without this.

To become sufficiently trained as a content editor, please review the following pages and complete the exercises. You will need to have two browser windows open; one for this training page and the other to log in to the WCMS and do the exercises below.

Training Curriculum

Intro to the WCMS

Exercise #1: Login/Dashboard (5 minutes)

Folders/Editing/Creating New Pages

Exercise #2: Creating a Page (10 minutes) 

Content Editing

Exercise #3: Editing Your Page (15 minutes)

Please contact let us know when you are done with the online training so we can remove your access to the "WCMS Classroom" site.

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