Page Types

Below is a list of the different types of pages that you can create. 

(There are pages in your site that are automatically generated and these are not listed on this page)

  • left navigation page thumbnail

    Left Navigation Page

    The "Left Navigation Page" is the type of page you'll create most often. There are two ways to create a new left navigation page.
  • full page thumbnail

    Full Page with No Left Navigation

    The "Full Page with No Left Nav" is the type of page that is often used the content requires a wide page and the left navigation is not important.
  • No alternative text

    Gallery Page

    A Gallery Page is another way to display images in your site when your site's home page slideshow just isn't enough.
  • list page thumbnail

    List Page

    The List Page is ideal for list of things that have a thumbnail, title & link, and brief description.
  • directory page thumbnail

    Directory Page

    This page type allows you to create your own custom directory pages to display people the way YOU need to display them.
  • news article thumbnail

    News Article

    A news article is a page that you would create to highlight a news item for your department or unit. These articles can be selected to appear in the news article chooser content block on your home page.
  • featured profile thumbnail

    Featured Profile Article

    Featured profile articles are written to highlight people, events, or anything else that is highlight worthy but not a news item. These articles can be selected to appear in the featured profile content block on your home page.

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