About Images

The new UCSC WCMS Campus design is designed to be image rich. Correct use of images makes all the difference.

  • Use high quality images

  • JPG, gif, or png are recommended file types

  • Optimize and resize images PRIOR to upload to the Campus WCMS

  • Alternate text for ADA compliance is required

UCSC Photo Sources and Guidelines

UCSC maintains a Photo Library of images you can use in  your site. You will need to register for a login to view and download images.  There are also Web Resources and Photography guidelines when using photos and video on UCSC web sites.

Here's another resource about how to find public domain images.

Copyright FAQs

Please be aware of any copyright issues when using images found online. Here are UCOP's Copyright FAQs.

Photo Editing Tools

Adobe Photoshop is a tool often used for re-sizing or formatting images. "Preview" on a Mac or Microsoft "Picture Editor" on a PC can also be used. There are some free online picture editors availabile and UCSC has a great photo cropping tool as well.

section 508 compliance iconNOTE: When inserting images on your page, you'll be prompted to add and "alt text" for accessibility.

This text does not appear anywhere on your page. It is used for screen readers, used by the visually impaired. Text entered here should be a short, descriptive sentence describing the contents of the image.

screenshot of alt text form field

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