The Billboard

To add the billboard images, edit the Home Page itself (i.e. main "index" page)  

  1. Select the index file in the Base Folder. This is the Home page of each website.
  2. In the section 'Billboard Image', choose an image.
  3. Enter a description of the image under the alternate text. Alternate text for ADA compliance is required.
  4. An internal or external link to another page can also be associated with each billboard image.
    screenshot of link fields
  5. Click the "+" to add additional images to activate the rotating billboard functionality.
  6. NOTES:
    • The recommended image size of 1080 X 346 pixels for billboard images.
    • Do not store billboard images in the /_content-blocks/home-page/.. folder.
      Files in this folder do not publish, i.e. they will not appear on the website.
      Place you images in an /images/ folder that publishes.
  7. You can add custom text to your billboard images with a few different layout, placement and color options (See Headline, Teaser Text, Layout Style and Background color in the image below):

NOTE: If using this feature, BOTH Headline AND Teaser text need to be used

screenshot of billboard selection interface

Here are a few examples of what some of your headline choices are with a screenshot of the various colors you can choose:



screenshot of various headline colors



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