WCMS Image Sizes

It's very important that you do not upload large images into the WCMS. All images should be resized down for the web prior to uploading them. Images should only be around 100KB or less. 

Use the UCSC Image Cropping and Resizing tool OR use an online photo editor. More tips below.

Image sizes you'll need to use are:

Image Type and Page Location

Size (pixels)

External Home Page Billboard 1080w x 346h
Administrative Home Page 712w x 308h; right column sidebar boxes - max 310w
Banner Image (Left Navigation and List Pages) 740w (Can be any height but a maximum height of 300 is recommended.)
Banner Image for (Full Page with No Left Nav) 1054w
Home Page News Article Thumbnail 80w x 80h
Home Page News Article Lead Image up to 760w
Home Page Featured Profile Thumbnail 300w x 120h
Home Page Featured Profile Lead Image up to 760w
Home Page Slideshow Thumbnail 100w x 100h 
Gallery Page Thumbnail 170w x 120h

YouTube Video Block Thumbnail

300w x 120h
News Article Shortcut Thumbnail 80w x 80h
Left Navigation Block Thumbnail (Portrait) 120w x 154h
Left Navigation Block Thumbnail (Landscape) 250w

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