Working with Directory Pages

Your site may still use this automatic directory feed page. We no longer support this page so if changes are needed, please use the NEW directory page type to create a custom directory of people.

Faculty can be organized as desired into the following categories:

  • Regular

  • Lecturers

  • Emeriti

  • Affiliated

  • Researchers

  • Adjunct

  • Visiting Scholars

  • Graduate Student Instructors

Several things must be true for a person to appear on a directory page within the department, college or division site:

  1. People associated with a department must have the department selected in the Department / College field

  2. People associated with a division must have the division selected in the Division field

  3. All faculty must have a faculty type (regular, lecturer, adjunct, etc.) selected

  4. Affiliated faculty must have the department listed in the "Other Campus Affiliations" field

Here is a screenshot of what a faculty directory page will look like:


If you do not currently have your staff, faculty or graduate student directory feed set up on your website, we no longer support this automatic feed. Please use the new directory page type to create your own custom page.

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