Directory Page

This page type allows you to create your own custom directory pages to display people the way YOU need to display them.

This new page-type includes the following features:

  • Three different page layout options; List, Tiled and Table 
  • Enter a CruzID and the information about that person is automatically pulled from the Campus Directory
  • Pick and choose which Campus Directory content to display, including Summary of Expertise and Academic Area of Expertise
  • The ability to have separate sections and sub-sections of people groups
  • An area for an introductory paragraph at the top of the page
  • The ability to create custom lists of people in the order you choose
  • Manually include or exclude people from an automatic feed
  • The ability to have automatic feeds of various people types
  • The ability to add a "vacant" position in a list of people
  • Optional collapsible and expandable groups to hide and show content on the page
  • Optional link to a full profile page

Learn how to create your new Directory Pages!