Featured Profiles

Featured Profile Page

A featured profile page can be used to feature a person, a service, a program, etc. These articles can be chosen to display on the Home Page.

This is a featured profile article from the History WCMS site. The title 'Benjamin Breen' is followed by the publishing data 'November 06,2017', summary, and image of Benjamin.

To create a featured profile article, select it from the New Content Menu or from your dashboard:

This is the drop down window from the 'Add Content' button in WCMS. The options are Default with a folder icon on the left side of the text, Article Index Page, Content w Single Column, Department Content w Left Nav, Directory Page, Featured Profile, Full Page with No Left Nav, Gallery Page, List Page, Nws Article, News Article Shortcut. These options have a page icon on the left side of their text. Featured Profile is highlighted in yellow and has a hand cursor over it.

This is the WCMS New Content widget on the dashboard. The options are 'Department...', 'External Link', 'Featured Profile...', 'File', 'Folder', 'Full Page with No...', 'Gallery Page', 'List Page', News Article, 'News Article...', 'News or Profile...'. Each option has a pink background and a corresponding icon above its text except for the Featured Profile option. This option has a darker pink background with the cursor hovered over it and a popup tooltip box that contains 'Feature Profile Article'.

Featured Profile Index Page

Like the news index page, all featured profile articles are automatically aggregated into a single profile index page. This page is automatically created by the Campus WCMS. The Featured Profile index page lists all articles in the folder in date order along with thumbnail and article summary.

This is a Profile index page from the History WCMS site. The title is 'Uncommon People' and has the following article title listed: Benjamin Breen, Erin Wright, Muriam Haleh Davis, 3D Saqqara Project Interns: Cori Hoover and Sophie Short, Alma Heckman. Each article title contains its publishing date, a one sentence summary, and header image on its right side.

Creating a Featured Profile

Instructions for creating a Featured Profile are exactly the  same as creating a New Article. The only difference is the size of the Thumbnail image (300 X 120 pixels).

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