The WCMS Dashboard

screenshotThe Dashboard is your starting point. From here you can use multiple types of "content wizards" to create content. The dashboard is split into "widgets" that can be dragged and dropped to a new position or removed from the dashboard completely.

  • screenshotNew Content Wizards – this is a list of pages or assets that can be created quickly from scratch for your site
  • History - this is a list of all of the pages/files/folders, etc. that you've worked on recently. Click on any item in the list to return to it
  • Recycle Bin tab – this is where your “deleted” items are stored for 30 days
  • Note: the Content Wizards are also available in the blue menu bar
  • Content to Review - If you've set content to be reviewed, your reminders are here
  • Stale Content - a visual chart of the currency of the files in your site
  • Link Report - view broken links on your site
  • Workflows – workflows have not been set up in the system yet so ignore this for now
  • Messages - The only type of message that is enabled at this time is for published reports that tell you the status of your publishing tasks
  • Locked Assets –Any pages or assets you have locked so others may not access them will appear in this list for easy reference.
  • Drafts – Any drafts you have saved will appear in this list for easy reference

  • NOTE: The tabs across the top of your dashboard are another way to access the same information.

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