Publishing Content

All pages must be published to the live web site before they can be seen by the public. At the time a page is published all its parts are brought together like a puzzle and published as a static page on the web site. When any of the pieces of the page change, the page must be re-published.


Manual Publishing

Each page, folder, file, etc. has a Publish tab. To publish, simply click Submit. To un-publish a page, choose the Un-publish radio button and click. Assets automatically unpublish when you move, delete or change the system name.

Efficient Publishing

Choose the smallest portion of the site to publish in order to capture the change.

1.For example, if a single page has been edited, only it needs to be published. Any associated images will automatically publish at the same time.

2. Or, if a new page is added to a directory, this will change the left navigation of that directory. In this case, the entire directory should be published.

3. If something that appears on many pages is changed (like the links in the footer), the entire site should be republished. This is RARE.

Most publish jobs will only take a few minutes to publish.

Preventing a Page, Folder, or File from Publishing

There are several methods to prevent something from publishing either forever or for a short time.prevent publish

1. Set the page, folder, or file to not publish or index. These options can be found under the System Tab. Uncheck the box "Include when publishing" if you don't want the page (or a folder and its contents) to publish. NOTE: Un-checking the box "include when publishing" on an existing page does not automatically un-publish it. That must be done manually.

2. Set the page Start Date in the future. The start date will prevent the article from being published until that date. 

prevent publish

3. If the page has been saved & published in the past, new changes can saved as a Draft. Drafts will not publish.

prevent publish

Publishing Review

  1. Publish the smallest portion of the site necessary, so as to keep the publish queue small. When making a change to a page, publish just that page.

  2. When adding or making a change (add, delete, rename a page or folder) that will alter the left navigation within a folder, publish the entire folder

  3. When changing something that appears on many pages across your site (top nav, footer links), publish the entire site.

  4. Content Blocks don't publish. It is only necessary to publish the page on which the content block appears.

Monitoring and Editing the Publish Queue

  1. To see any publish jobs in progress or queued, 

    • Click the "swirl" icon at the far right of the top navigation bar in the WCMS

    • Select "Publisher"

    • Select "Active Jobs"

  2. To automatically go to the publish queue after publishing:

    • Click "My Settings" in the top right corner of the WCMS screen

    • Check the box that says "After Publishing Assets - Go to publish status page"

  3. To delete publish jobs, click the red "x" on the publish status page

  4. To reorder publish jobs, hover over a job in the queue until a black arrow appears.  Using the arrow, drag the job to a new location in the queue.  Publish jobs already in progress cannot be reordered.

publishing queue

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