The Top Menu Bar

screenshot of top menu bar

This menu bar shows up on most pages while working in the WCMS. Many of the common functions you will need to perform can be accessed from this bar. Here are descriptions of a few of them: 

  • Cascade Logo – Returns you to the main WCMS Dashboard.
  • "SITE:" - This is your site selector. This is where you will choose which site you want to work on
  • Add Content – Create a new page or folder, or import images into the WCMS. This is where you’ll go most of the time to create new assets.
  • "Site Content" - shows you the entire contents of your site
  • "My Content" - shows you recent activity, content owned by you, your drafts, locked assets and tasks assigned to you
  • Magnifying Glass – Search function.
  • Profile Pic and Name - This menu item is where you will go to access your settings, history, tasks and to log out and even upload a profile picture for the system.

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