Working with Versions


The Campus WCMS saves the last 20 changes on each page as different versions. You can view past versions of your pages, compare them, and even make an old version the current or "active" one. The last 20 versions are stored indefinitely, and serve as a safety net for you, in case you make a mistake and need to revert back.

Viewing and Managing Versions

Snapshot of the Versions list screen
  1. Select the asset (page, file, block, etc.) that you want to work with.

  2. Click on the "More" tab, and then click on Versions

  3. The Versions screen shows a list of all of your past versions, with information about when the asset was last modified and by whom.

    • A new version is created EACH TIME you "Submit" the asset

    • Note the green check mark - this designates the "activated" or current version

  4. To view a version, just click on it in the "Path" column

  5. Snapshot of the Versions actionsOnce you click on a previous version, you can choose from the actions displayed

      • "Newer" will show the next, more recent version. "Older" will show the previous, older version. Current will show the current, "active" version.

      • screenshot"Activate" will make the version you are looking at into the current, "active" version. Note that "Activate" DOES NOT mean "Publish"
      • "Delete" will permanently remove the version you are looking at from the versions list. Careful!

      • "Compare with Current" will show you the version you are looking at, side by side with the current, "active" version.

      • "Version Comments" is a place to enter notes about the changes you made, work left to do, or any other documentation. This is shown at the bottom of every page you edit. You can view all comments in the Versions screen.

      If you don't manually type anything in, the system will auto-fill the comments with basic comments.

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