Selecting Information to Display

When creating a directory page, you can select which Campus Directory information you want to appear on your page.

When the Photo field is selected, any individual who does not have a photo in their Campus Directory profile will have an alternate photo inserted on the directory page:

alternate photo - white slug icon in gray background

For each page type, there are default fields selected but you can select more or deselect any that you wish.

For the List Layout page, the following fields are selected by default: (Photo, title, department, phone, email, website, office location, office hours

list layout default info

For the Tiled layout option, the following fields are selected by default (photo, title, phone, email). There are only four as we've found that's the ideal number of fields but you can select more (and deselect any) as desired:

tiled info to display check boxes

For Table layout option, there isn't an option for a Photo:

table layout options