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The WCMS has an automatic tool, Google Analytics, that shows traffic to your site. It tells you things like:

  • How many visitors you have in any given time period
  • Which pages are the most popular
  • What visitors searched for to find your site
  • What sites visitors came from to navigate to your site

Requesting Permissions to View Google Analytics for a Website

To view Google Analytics for a site, you need to request permissions via SlugHub. In your request, please include your CruzID and the name of the site you would like to have Google Analytics access granted to.

You need to already be an editor for the site you are requesting access to, and/or your request may have to be approved by the site's Site Manager.

After your request is processed, you will receive an email from Google Analytics that you have been granted access, and your ITRequest inquiry will be updated too.

DO NOT create your own Google Analytics account! Because UCSC is using Google Apps, the UCSC Google Analytics administrator needs to add one's UCSC CruzID/email to the appropriate site in Google Analytics.

Logging into Google Analytics

  1. After a UCSC Google Analytics administrator has granted permission to view Google Analytics for a site, follow the steps below to log in to Google Analytics:With an Internet browser, log in to your UCSC email using Gmail.
  2. Open a new tab or window and go to
    • If you are already logged into your UCSC email with the same browser, you should be in Google Analytics and see the sites with you have been granted access to view.
    • If you are not already logged into your UCSC email with the same browser, you will be asked to "Choose an account". Use your UCSC account email address.

If your account is already set up on your account and you're having problems viewing results (e.g. results show all zeros), please submit an SlugHub ticket for assistance.

If you are not sure if you already have registered an email address with Google Analytics, or you don't remember what email address you registered with Google Analytics, please submit an SlugHub ticket for assistance.

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