How to Launch Your New WCMS Site

Enter an ITRequest Launch Request. NOTE: WCMS Site Managers must be the person who enters the request.

If you are migrating or building a new site in the WCMS, at some point you need to make it live.

NOTE: ITS does website launches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please allow at least 7-10 days from date ticket is opened.

WCMS Site Managers must enter an ITRequest launch request to begin the process to launch a site.

Before your site can launch, it must meet the following criteria:

shuttle launch thumbnail
  1. No broken links anywhere on the site. Site passes link checker.
  2. All pages must have final content. No "coming soon" pages.
  3. No placeholder content (text, images, news articles, content blocks, etc) should be on the site.
  4. All six homepage blocks are present and filled with real content

Steps to take to get your new site published:

  1. Two weeks prior to your desired site launch, put in this WCMS Web Site Launch ticket.
  2. We will review your site, note any pre-launch items that need to be addressed and then contact you to go over any desired redirects (if applicable)
    • We recommend that you perform a link check prior to launching your new site.
  3. On the date of the launch, we'll publish your new site, run another full-site link check and send you an email with the results and let you know your site is live.

We cannot launch new WCMS sites on ITS Change Restricted Days, e.g. finals week, etc., these days are noted on the ITS Maintenance Calendar, see