Bulk (Zip) Uploading Multiple Files At One Time

To upload more than one file at a time into WCMS:

  1. Put all of the files into one folder on your computer and be sure that all of the names of the files follow the WCMS naming conventions 
  2. Once all of the files (.jpg, .pdf, etc. ) are in the folder, right click on the folder. For a PC, "Send To" a Compressed (zipped) folder" or for a Mac, right click and "compress".
  3. You'll now have a new folder with a zipper on it
  4. In the WCMS, select the folder in which you'd like the files to appear. (e.g. an "images" or "pdf" folder)
  5. Click "Add Content" and select "File"
  6. Browse to the new zipped folder in your computer OR drag and drop the folder into the upload area
  7. The system knows you uploaded a zip file and will ask you if you want to extract and place all files in the selected folder (current directory)
  8. Click the radio button "Yes" and then click "Unpack"


Note: If you are on a Mac, once the zip upload is done, you'll see an extra folder called "_MACOSX" with "copies" of the files inside. You can delete this folder and its contents.