WCMS Account Management For Web Site Managers

  • WCMS Site Managers are usually staff who are well versed in how the WCMS works. If you're identified as a site manager but don't use the WCMS, please identify someone else in your unit who does know the system. You can ask us to add them as a new site manager.
  • Please set some time aside a few times a year to review your list of users. It is your job as site manager to maintain the currency of the editors of your web site. 
  • It is your responsibility to be sure that ANY new users that you add get the proper training. There is classroom training, online training and open labs. You're welcome to train them yourselves too.

Viewing Web Site Editors

Instructions for viewing who has access to edit your web site(s):

  • Log in to the WCMS
  • In your site selector, select "Global"
  • Click the "Administration" tab
  • Select "Users, Groups, & Roles
  • In the left navigation area, choose "Groups".
  • Select the Group you'd like to view
  • In the sub-menu, click "Users" to view your users
  • Users' CruzIDs are displayed. Click the CruzID for the account details.
  • You can also add or remove users as needed.

To troubleshoot account problems, view the user's account and check the following:

To check to make sure someone is setup correctly, this is what their account should look like from top to bottom: (see screenshot below)


  1. Username is correct CruzID

  2. Full name entered

  3. Email address entered

  4. Custom Authentication radio button selected

  5. Enabled box is checked

  6. Right “Groups” box has website group AND the “WCMS User-do not delete” group

  7. Default Group is set

  8. Default Site is set

  9. Roles is set to Global user


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