How to Set Up Your Password Protected Page or Folder(s)

You may request a section of your website (directory/folder) be password protected. There is one username and password set that must be shared with users. Therefore, web content inside these folders isn't very secure.

Now that UCSC is utilizing most of the Google Apps, it's strongly recommended that you use Google Docs or Google Sites for your password protected material on the web. Google sites, team drives, and docs are simple to set up and can be made private. Google's security has been vetted and approved for use at UCSC. There is no need to share a username and password.

If you don't have a protected directory and don't want to use Google Docs or Sites, please put in an SlugHub ticket. Again, be aware that the username and password you request for your password-restricted folder in the WCMS has to be shared with all those requiring access.

Note: Any pages inside a password protected directory/folder are automatically password protected.