Add a WCMS User

For Web Site Managers Only

Follow these instructions to add a new user. IMPORTANT NOTE: Please have all new users go through either online or classroom training. 1. Select the Global site from the site selector, then click on the "Administration" menu, and click "Users, Groups, & Roles". You are going to be able to see ALL the current WCMS users. Don't be alarmed. The first thing you should do is first see if they are already a user.
 user management
find user
If you DON'T find them, you'll need to create a "New User"
If you DO find them, simply "Edit" their account.
2. Click "New User" on the left.
 user management
3. Fill in all of the fields as shown:
IMPORTANT NOTE!: Make sure you select the "Custom" radio button for "Authentication." This is so that site editors can log in with their Gold CruzID account.
user management
4. You're not quite done. You now need to give them a Default Site as follows:
user management
Once you click Submit, your new user is added can log in!
If you have any questions or need assistance, please open an IT Request ticket.
IMPORTANT NOTE!!: Please have all new users go through either online or classroom training.