Edit or Remove a WCMS User

For Web Site Managers Only

Follow these instructions to edit or remove a user.

1. Logged into the Campus WCMS, select the "Advanced Functionality" icon at the very top right of the screen, then click on the "Administration" link.

Advanced functionality icon   Administration menu on Advanced Functionality flyout

2.  On the "Administration" page, click the "Users" link, in the "Security and Authentication" section.

NOTE: You are going to be able to see ALL the current WCMS users. Don't be alarmed (but do be careful)!

3.  Find the user in the user list. Type their CruzID, first name, or last name into the Search bar on the right above the list. Click on the username to view the user's full record.
Find a user and click their username to see their full record
NOTE: If you don't find them (user is not yet in the WCMS), you will need to add them as a new user.
4. Click on the username and then on the User profile page, click the "Edit" icon in the upper right
Click the Edit icon to edit the user's settings
5. The Edit User pop-up box has two tabs. Edit fields on the "User Settings" tab as shown:
  • Username field must contain their correct CruzID. (This field can't be changed so if it's incorrect, put in an IT ticket and we'll delete the incorrect account.)
  • You can edit their first and last name in the Full Name field, and their full UCSC email address in the Email field.
  • DO NOT CHANGE the "Custom" radio button for "Authentication." "Custom Authentication" allows the user to log in with their Gold CruzID account.
  • DO NOT CHANGE the "Password" fields - 
  • When you complete this page, don't hit Submit yet. First, switch to the "Membership and Roles" tab to complete the setup process.
Edit the user's settings
5a.  Fill in all of the fields on the "Membership and Roles" tab as shown:
  • Click on "Choose Groups" to add the user to groups. Giving users access to a new "Group" allows them to edit that website. Removing the group removes their access to that site. Use the Search bar to find the correct group(s), and click the checkbox to select or de-select them.
  • Click on "Default Site" to change which site the user will land in when they log into the WCMS. 
  • Click on "Role" to select the roles for this user. All users should have the "Global User" role. 
  • Click "Submit" when done.

Filling out the Membership and Roles tab

Selecting groups for the new user

Once you click Submit, your changes are applied to the user's account!


Most account problems are related to an incorrect account setup. To resolve most problems, confirm the following:

  1. Username is the correct with current CruzID

  2. Full name entered

  3. The email address entered correctly (cruzid@ucsc.edu)

  4. Custom Authentication radio button must be selected

  5. "Enabled" box must be checked

  6. The user has the correct/required sites

  7. Default Site is set

  8. Roles include Global user
If you have any questions or need assistance, please open an IT Request ticket.
IMPORTANT NOTE!!: Please have all new users go through either online or classroom training.