Calendar Block

When creating events on the calendar block, you will

  1. Go to _content-blocks/home-page/middle-row and edit the calendar block.
  2. Give the block a title

  3. Enter 3-4 events

  4. Provide a link to a page where users can find more information about events or deadlines (optional)

NOTE: Blocks do not publish. Blocks are "helper files" that supply information for their parent page that publishes.

screenshot of calendar block in use

Go to _content-blocks/home-page/middle-row and select the Calendar block.

  1. Enter a two-word title for the block. 

  2. Set a month, day, and title for the event

  3. If you want the title to link to another page, enter a web address (URL), select an internal page, or select a file.

  4. If you would like a "More..." link at the bottom of the block, select a page, a file or an external link (optional)

screenshot of form fields for creating a calendar block event

After you've entered your first item, click the green "+" button on the right to add another event. 

screenshot of green plus button

Repeat for up to 4 calendar events.

Place the block on the home page.