Text Block

A text block allows you to create your own block design to place on your home page. Text blocks can have text, bullets, numbered lists, images, logos, etc.

When creating a text block, you will

  1. Go to _content-blocks/home-page/middle-row and edit the text block.
  2. Give the block a title

  3. Use the WYSIWYG editor to input text and/or images. Think of a text block as a little tiny page inside a page that can be designed any way you want. Here are a couple of examples:

text block example  text block example

Go to _content-blocks/home-page/middle-row and select the text block.

Text block fields

Placing the block on the home page.

You can also have multiple text blocks on your home page; simply "Copy" the block and edit. Then place on home page.