Slideshow Block

The Slideshow block allows you to highlight 9 images from your site. When creating a Slideshow block, you will first prepare 9 images and 9 thumbnail images.  (Hint: thumbnail images work best if they bring out one area of detail in the larger image.)  For information on working with images, see Working with Images.  All images must be resized and optimized prior to uploading and placing on block.

NOTE: All images need to have a file extension for this feature to work.  (e.g. ".JPG", ".png" , ".gif")

  1. Go to _content-blocks/home-page/middle-row and edit the slideshow block.

  2. Give the block a title

  3. Create nine slides, each with:

    1. Large image

    2. Thumbnail

    3. Alternate text for accessibility purposes.

slideshow block

Slideshow block fields

Placing the block on the home page.

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