How To Archive or Store Your Pages

There will be times when you want to store or archive web pages in your site. Archiving is a little different than storing. Archiving means that you still want the content published and on the web and storing means you want to keep the pages but remove them from your published site.

Examples of archiving:

  • A news article on your site that is a little old and you want to remove it from your main news index page. By moving it to a news archive folder, the article is still published but organized and placed in a different area of your site.
  • A gallery page that shows commencement photos. You can archive them by year; Folders for 2012 Photos, 2013 Photos, 2014 Photos, etc.  The pages within these folders are live on the web but organized and sorted by year, category, etc.

Examples of storing:

  • An event article announcing an annual event. Rather than recreating the article every year, you just move it to a storage folder that is set to not index or publish. When it's time to use the article again, you simply move it to the correct folder and republish.
  • Any content that you want to remove from your live website but don't want to delete the content completely.


  1. Create a new folder and leave the "include when indexing" and "include when publishing" boxes checked.
  2. Create a page and give it a system name of "index". This page will be the landing page (or main page) for that folder
  3. Move all "archive" pages into this folder. Moving pages automatically Un-publishes the content from the server
  4. Publish ALL affected folders; old folders where the pages were AND the new archive folder to update the left navigation


  1. Create a new folder and UN-check the include when indexing" and "include when publishing" boxes
  2. Move all storage content into this folder. This will automatically UN-publish the pages from the web server
  3. Publish ALL the folders you moved pages from to update the left navigation

Note: When you un-check the box "include when publishing" on an existing folder, this does NOT un-publish the content. That must be done manually.