Managing Your Site Navigation

This section covers the management of content that appears across multiple pages within a site. This content includes


  • Department Title - This is the page title you see at the top of all pages within a site. It is usually the name for the campus department, division or administrative unit. For example - History Department, Division of Physical & Biological Sciences, Porter College. This title is also a link to the main home page of the site.

  • Top Navigation Bar (Tabs) - Top Navigation Standards are set for individual types of sites. You will see similar top navigation bar tabs for areas such as academic divisions, academic departments, colleges, and administrative units. These top tabs appear on all pages within an individual site. Note: The maximum number of characters for a top navigation item is 17. Any more than that, the item will wrap to two lines and not fit.


  • Footer Links - Footer links appear at the bottom of all pages within a site. These links are often for topics such as Contact Us and Feedback.

  • Left Navigation Menu - Left navigation menus are on most pages in the Campus WCMS. These are the main links for navigation within an individual site.

IMPORTANT: If you make changes to any of the first three, re-publish your entire site to have the changes take effect on all pages on your website.

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